Ethephon 2SL Growth Regulator

  • Category: Other
  • Manufacturer: ADAMA USA
  • EPA Number: 66222-151
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Product Description:

Ethephon 2SL promotes earlier fruit coloration and maturation when used on APPLES, BLACKBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, CANTALOUPES, CHERRIES, GRAPES, PEPPERS, PINEAPPLE, SUGARCANE, TOBACCO and TOMATOES. It also aids in barrenberry control on BLUEBERRIES. Ethephon 2SL loosens APPLES, BLACKBERRIES, CHERRIES and WALNUTS for earlier, more efficient harvest. When applied as directed to CANTALOUPES, it also promotes fruit abscission (slipping). Ethephon 2SL increases dormant fruit bud hardiness and delayed spring bloom of SWEET CHERRIES in the Pacific Northwest. Ethephon 2SL reduces lodging in WHEAT and BARLEY.

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