About Us

History of Reichman Sales & Service

We are Reichman Sales & Service, and we supply ag chemicals at wholesale prices.

Reichman Sales & Service has proudly served dealers and growers for 25 years, supplying brand-name and generic ag chemicals.

Founded in 1998 in Toluca, Illinois, we have grown as a company thanks to over two decades of excellent customer service and positive word of mouth. 

In the spring of 2016, Reichman Sales & Service joined forces with Express Source Ag, LLC, which serves as our parent company. Thanks to this partnership, we are now better positioned to expand the excellent customer service on which our company was founded.

Our alignment with Express Source Ag, LLC affords us the resources to enlarge our product line, provide competitive pricing and introduce additional services that improve our customers’ lives.

In December 2020, we also partnered with Modern Ag Supply in New Knoxville, Ohio to widen our warehousing and customer service footprint. Our customer base now spans all regions east of the Rockies, where we distribute brand-name and generic ag chemicals at wholesale prices.