Drexel® Sequestra™ Water Conditioner/ Sequestering Agent

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  • Manufacturer: Drexel Chemical Company
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Product Description:

SEQUESTRA is a low use rate water conditioner formulated with sequestrants and chelating agents designed to enhance the performance of post-emergence herbicides. This product deactivates hard water cations that reduce the performance of many herbicides. This product is designed to replace the need for Ammonium sulfate with herbicides such as 2,4-D, Dicamba, Glufosinate and Glyphosate. This product may be used on a wide variety of Agricultural, Industrial and Non-Cropland sites including but not limited to; Field Crops, Forestry, Ornamentals, Permanent Crops, Rights-of-way, Turf and other uses.

Purchaser is responsible to read the Product Label and Use requirements for this product. Reichman Sales & Service assumes no liability for the use or misuse of these products and makes no guarantees other than what the manufacturer of this product will stand behind.

* Don't forget to re-new your Department of Agriculture Pesticides License. Every customer wanting to purchase restricted use chemicals, must have a vaild license number on file with us
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