RZT Zinc 9% EDTA®

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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Prevent and correct zinc deficiencies for optimum plant growth and yield.

Formulated to correct zinc deficiencies, RTZ Zinc 9% EDTA may be used in a variety of agronomic and ornamental plants to enhance plant growth, yield and quality. This specialty fertilizer may be applied as a foliar spray, soil injection or injection into a closed irrigation system and has a lower use rate than non-chelated micronutrient sources. RTZ Zinc 9% EDTA is also formulated for greater compatibility with blend and tank mixes.


Resists soil tie up

Will not precipitate with phosphate fertilizers

100% plant available: will move in soil solution

Lower use rate than non-chelated micronutrient sources


Deciduous Fruits and Nuts: 1 – 2 qt/​ac

Field and Row Crops0.51 qt/​ac

Vegetable Crops: 1 – 2 qt/​ac


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