RZT Unbind®

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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Unbind your crops with seven strains of beneficial bacteria that maximize yield and grower ROI.

RZT Unbind is a liquid biological soil amendment optimized for conventional and organic pro​duc​tion​.As a biological catalyst, RZT Unbind improves your plant’s root architecture and is compatible with most dry and liquid fertilizer blends. Optimized for conventional and organic crops, RZT Unbind increases nutrient availability and assists with nutrient mineralization. Unbind your crops and maximize their growth potential with RZT Unbind!


  • 91% positive response rate across all tested crops
  • Increases nutrient availability and root growth
  • Improves plant’s resistance to stress
  • Compatible with most fertilizer blends


Starter or Sidedress: 1 – 4 pt/​ac

Broadcast and Fertigation: 2 – 4 qt/​ac

Manure Applications: 2 – 4 qt/​ac


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