RZT Fulvic Acid®

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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Increase fertilizer efficiency with a pure fulvic concentrate certified for organic production.

RZT Fulvic Acid is a pure fulvic concentrate for organic production. Made from unique organic acids, RZT Fulvic Acid is isolated from pure leonardite ore, which is high in organic matter. As a result of its double extraction process, RZT Fulvic Acid is concentrated into a clear, bioactive fulvic acid liquid and increases nutrient use efficiency.


  • Low use rate of 1 – 2 pints per acre
  • For in-furrow, banded, 2×2 and foliar applications
  • Does not turn fertilizer black
  • Improves root growth and emergence early in the season


In-furrow with low-salt, high-ortho fertilizers: 1 – 2 pt/​ac

With foliar applications: ‑1 pt/​ac


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