RZT Expand K®

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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Promote nutrient efficiency in-furrow and as a foliar with potassium and the right mix of micronutrients.

RZT Expand K harnesses soluble, available potassium and the right mix of micronutrients, including manganese (0.30%), copper (0.35%) and zinc (1.90%), which are key for plant growth. RZT Expand K helps prevent these micronutrients from being tied up in the soil, allowing for a faster start and higher yield potential for your crops. RZT Expand K also reduces phosphorus tie-up, increases nutrient availability and enhances nutrient uptake as a foliar spray.


  • Regulates plant absorption of water and nutrients
  • Increases yield potential through higher photosynthesis rate
  • Strengthens stress tolerance of the plant
  • Adds stalk-building nutrients to a foliar spray


At-planting, pre-plant or early in-season: 2 – 6 qt/​ac

Early/​late foliar with crop protection products: 1 – 6 qt/​ac

Guaranteed Analysis:

0014 | 14.00% Soluble Potash (K2O) | 0.30% Chelated Manganese (Mn) | 1.90% Chelated Zinc (Zn)

Derived from: 

Potassium Acetate, Manganese EDTA and Zinc EDTA


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