RZT 12% Humic Acid®

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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Apply this concentrate solution to your organic crops.

RZT 12% Humic Acid is for organic production and may be applied to most crops. This concentrate solution is readily dispersed in most fertilizer products but should be avoided with acids and oxidizers. RZT 12% Humic Acid is a weak alkaline solution and may change the pH of certain solutions. You can use a weak acid to reduce the pH of this spray solution. RZT 12% Humic Acid may be applied with several types of irrigation water systems.


  • May be applied to most crops
  • May be used for organic production
  • Readily dispersed in most fertilizer products
  • May be applied with irrigation water systems


Foliar: 1 – 3 qt/​ac

Soil: 1 – 12 qt/​ac


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