High Load® MSO

Red Zone Technologies™ LLC
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A modified vegetable oil/​surfactant blend.

High Load MSO aids in penetration and spreading of the tank mix through the plant’s waxy cuticle, increasing the effectiveness of many post-emergent herbicides. Because of its high load of oil, it can be used at a lower rate — ultimately, saving you money. This MSO allows for quicker absorption and uptake of the herbicide into the plant, including tough-to-control weeds, which means the plant dies quicker.


  • Better absorption into the plant for a more effective weed kill
  • Improves penetration through the waxy cuticle
  • Better coverage on the leaf surface
  • Excellent crop tolerance
  • Cost-effective: half the use rate of other adjuvants


Use Rate: 4 – 32 oz./A.


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