They go together like... well, you get the idea.

ZOLERA + SONATA = an affordable three mode of action fungicide

Increase your corn and soybean yields at a lower cost per acre!

Power of Three

Adding SONATA biofungicide to the dual mode of ZOLERA FX gives you a powerful and economical three mode of action fungicide. This special combination offers more robust disease control and has been shown to increase corn and soybean yields — all at a lower cost per acre when compared to competitor products.

In other words, ZOLERA and SONATA are a perfect pair! You could even say they go together like milk and cookies. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or… well, you get the idea.

Benefits of ZOLERA FX

ZOLERA FX is a dual mode of action fungicide using full rates of a systemic strobilurin and a systemic triazole.

ZOLERA is effective on a wide array of corn and soybean diseases, including:

  • Tar Spot
  • Rusts
  • Northern Corn Leaf Blight
  • Gray Leaf Spot
  • Frogeye
  • Powdery Mildew

Benefits of SONATA

SONATA is a biofungicide with live bacteria spores that induce plants’ natural defenses to resist desease development and antifungal compounds that have contact fungicidal activity.

SONATA’s multi-side mode of action is ideal for fungicide resistance management and disease control.

A Special Combination

Reichman Sales & Service is proud to offer this special combination of ZOLERA FX and SONATA, which remains largely unavailable at other crop protection retailers. Add these products to your quote below or call your local Reichman sales representative for one-on-one agronomic advice.

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