Product Name MSDS Label Manufacturer  
90% Non Ionic Surfactant AgXplore International, Inc.
Advantigro™ Plant growth Stimulant Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
AIRLINK® Deposition Aid & Drift Reduction Agent Universal Crop Protection Alliance, LLC
Ammonium Sulfate Conditioning Agent various
AMS Extra™ Conditioning Agent Drexel Chemical Company
AMS Supreme™ Drexel Chemical Company
Aqua - AMS Heartland Ag, Inc.
Avail® for Liquid Phosphate Fertilizers SFP®
BeanOil® Drexel Chemical Company
Bio-Forge® Advanced Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
Bio-Forge™ Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
Bio-Forge™ST Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
Brandt Manni-Plex™ B Moly Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt Smart Quatro® Foliar Nutrient Solution Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® Mag Nitrate 7-0-0 Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® Manni-Plex® For Small Grains 2-0-0 Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® N-Boost 5 5-0-0 Brandt Consolidated, Inc
Brandt® Smart B-Mo™ Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® Smart B™ Boron Solution Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® Smart MN Brandt Consolidated, Inc
Brandt® Smart Trio® 4-0-0 Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brandt® Smart ZN 6% Brandt Consolidated, Inc.
Brimstone® Buffer/Water Conditioner/Activator Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Bronc Triple® Water Conditoner, Nonionic Surfactant & Drift Reduction Agent Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Bronc® Max Water Conditioning Agent Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Bronc® Plus Dry EDT Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Cayuse® Plus Ammonium Sulfate & Surfactant Combination Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Compex® Compatability Agent KALO, Inc.
ContaiN™ NBPT with NZONE Max AgXplore International, Inc.
Cornbelt N-Tense Van Diest Supply Company
Cornbelt Vaporgard™ + DRA Van Diest Supply Company
Crop Oil Conditioning Agent various
Crosshair® Deposition Aid & Drift Management Agent Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Cereals Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Insecticide/Fungicide Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
Defoamer various
Defol 5® Defoliant/Desiccant With Fire Retardant Drexel Chemical Company
Denali-EA Nonionic Surfactant, Buffer, Acidifier Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Diligence-EA™ Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Double Down® Liquid AMS Convenience With Built in Surfactant United Suppliers, Inc.
Drexel LOX® Deposition-Coverage and Drift Retardant Drexel Chemical Company
Drexel® Sequestra™ Water Conditioner/ Sequestering Agent Drexel Chemical Company
Drift - Check AgXplore International, Inc.
Drift Concentrate 38F various
EEZY™ MAN Micromark Blends The Andersons
Efficax™ Deposition Aid Esterified Seed Oil Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Ethephon 2SL Growth Regulator ADAMA USA
EverGol® Energy Bayer CropScience
FIELDGOAL™ Water Conditioning Agent, Drift controp Agent, Deposition Aid Surfactant & Humectant REDZONE TECHNOLOGIES™
Foam Dye Blue various
Foam Dye Red various
Foam Marker various
Foli-Gro Calcium 6% Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Foli-Gro® Boron 10% Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Foli-Gro® Carbo-Mag™ Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Foli-Gro® K Plus 6-2-12 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Foli-Gro® Micro 336 5-0-0 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Foli-Gro® Super MN 4-0-0 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Fortalis® 8-0-0 PI Bioscience Limited
Gaucho® 600 Flowable Bayer CropScience
Glacier-EA™ High Surfactant Oil Concentrate Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Graph-Ex SA™ Inoculant Plus Seed Lubricant Advanced Biological Marketing
GroPak AgXplore International, Inc.
GroPak™ SB AgXplore International, Inc.
HumaPak™ Humic Acid Compound AgXplore International, Inc.
Instinct® HL Nitrogen Stabilizer Dow AgroSciences, LLC
Instinct® II Nitrogen Stabilizer Dow AgroSciences, LLC
INTACT™ Drift contarol & Foliar Retention Agen And Deposition Aid Precision Laboratories, LLC
Interlock® Deposition Aid, Canopy Penetrating & Drift Control Agent Winfield Solutions, LLC
Kristol Water Conditioner REDZONE TECHNOLOGIES™
Lake and Pond Blue Dye various
Limus® Nitrogen Management BASF Corporation
Linke™ AgXplore International, Inc.
MEP 42™ Plant Regulator Drexel Chemical Company
Metholated Seed Oil Various
METHSOYOIL AgXplore International
METHSOYOIL™ AgXplore International, Inc.
microSTARTER™ AgXplore International, Inc.
Mora-Leaf® Hi-K 9-15-30 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Mora-Leaf® Plus 20-20-20 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager Verdesian Life Sciences
N Pact 26-0-0 Loveland Products, Inc.
NDemand 30L 30-0-0 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NDemand 5-0-20 with KTS Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NDemand 88 10-8-8 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NDemand® K-Man® 18-0-6 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NDure 2.0 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NDure™ Triple Dry™ Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
NutriPak™ AgXplore International, Inc.
NutriSphere - N SFP®
NZONE MAX™ Nitrogen Management Aid AgXplore International, Inc.
NZONE™ GL Nitrogen Management Aid AgXplore International, Inc.
Palisade® EC PGR Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
Peptoil® Crop Oil Concentrate Drexel Chemical Company
pHuse™ Penetrant Acidifier Wetting Agent Spreader AgXplore International, Inc.
Puric™ Prime Max Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
R-11® Spreader Activator/Nonionic Surfactant Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Rainier-EA™ Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Redzone High Load® MSO RedZone Technologies™
SabrEx™ Corn PB Root Inoculant Advanced Biological Marketing
Sativa® 309 FS Fungicide Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Sativa® M2F RTU Seed Treatment Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Sativa™ M RTU Seed Treatment Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Sebring™ 318 FS Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Sebring™ 480 FS Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Serenity® Water Conditioner Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Setup 6 SL 2.5 ADAMA USA
Signet® 480 FS Nufarm Americas, Inc.
SoySCIENCE™ AgXplore International, Inc.
Spirato® M 185 FS Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Spirato™ 480 FS Fungicide Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Spray Start™ Water Conditioning Agent Drift Reduction Agent Deposition Aid & Antifoaming Agent KALO, Inc.
ST-Methyl 540 FS Nufarm Americas, Inc.
Stimulate Yield Enhancer Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
Sugar Mover™ Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
SulPak™17 8-0-0 with 17% Sulfur AgXplore International, Inc.
Surf 80/20 Non Ionic Surfactant Agxplore International, Inc.
Synurgize™ AgXplore International, Inc.
Tank Cleaner various
Tecmangam® 32% Water Soluble Manganese Erachem® Comilog
Till-It® 9% Zinc EDTA Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Trinity™ 4-0-0 AgXplore International, Inc.
Tyrant CSOC™ 60-40 Seed Oil Plus AgXplore International, Inc.
Valupak™ 7-12-1 AgXplore International, Inc.
Versatile®-Copper 4-0-0 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
Warsh-Out™ Advanced Spray Tank Cleaner Drexel Chemical Company
X-CYTE™ Plant Growth Regulator and Yield Stimulant Stoller Enterprises, Inc.
X® 25-0-0 PLUS 0.5% B Drexel Chemical Company
Zinc 9% EDTA Micronutrient AgXplore International, Inc.
* Don't forget to re-new your Department of Agriculture Pesticides License. Every customer wanting to purchase restricted use chemicals, must have a vaild license number on file with us
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