History of Reichman Sales & Service

Reichman Sales & Service is a family owned business based in Toluca, IL. Brad Reichman started the company in 1998. Starting out, Brad made phone sales, as well as internet sales, of micronutrients and agricultural chemicals. He purchased and shipped his products from remote locations, never bringing the chemicals into Toluca. As the business grew, so did the ability to buy larger quantities and resell at an increased profit margin. Brad began purchasing larger quantities and began shipping out of Toluca. It was at this point that the business started seeing considerable growth.

After 12 years of operation, Reichman Sales & Service currently employs seven full-time employees, including Brad, his wife Jennifer, and his brother Steve. An additional 5-6 part-time employees are added to the company’s payroll on a seasonal basis.

We pride ourselves on our repeat business. Over the years, our client base has grown significantly. Shipments are made to customers all over the continental United States made possible by competitive marketing and national advertising. Each year, the number of returning customers continues to increase due to the customer’s overall satisfaction with price and service. The local customer base grows stronger and stronger simply by word of mouth that is passed from farmer to farmer. Reichman Sales has built a positive reputation with the local farmer as a way to save money and still get a quality chemical program for their crops.

We own one of the largest brand name and generic ag chemical wholesale distributing companies in the area.

* Don't forget to re-new your Department of Agriculture Pesticides License. Every customer wanting to purchase restricted use chemicals, must have a valid license number on file with us
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