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Farming is a lot like football. A good defense is your best offense, and success comes down to having the right game plan.

That’s why Reichman Sales & Service is excited to introduce Red Zone Technologies (RZT), a new product line designed to improve the efficacy of your herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide applications. RZT products give you better field coverage for better crop protection, ensuring you can hit your field goals and score a winning season.

The first step to the end zone is the Red Zone.

Product Guide

Product Guide 2021


A drift and deposition aid designed to improve pesticide applications.

A blend of non-AMS water conditioning agent, nonionic surfactant and deposition agent.

High Load® MSO
A modified vegetable oil/surfactant blend. 

A unique oil blend that increases both deposition and absorption of soil-applied herbicides.

An AMS-based water conditioning agent and surfactant.

A crop oil concentrate.

A 100% modified vegetable oil.

A premium nonionic surfactant.

AMADS, water conditioning agent and surfactant.

Vincero® 90
A low-foam nonionic surfactant and humectant.

* Don't forget to re-new your Department of Agriculture Pesticides License. Every customer wanting to purchase restricted use chemicals, must have a valid license number on file with us
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