Reichman Sales & Service mission is to offer quality chemical products, name brand and generic alike, at affordable prices to both retail and wholesale customers.


Reichman Sales & Service requires that all dealers and/or applicators provide us with the proper licensing information required by their particular state. In accordance with federal, state and local regulations, Reichman Sales & Service is licensed as a restricted use pesticide dealer. All transactions will be made available to each individual state as required by their respective regulators.


Reichman Sales & Service operates on a “cash and carry” business.  All products must be paid for in full before shipment can occur. Forms of payment can include: check or electronic ACH funds transfer.

**Please note some products are only available for wholesale distribution and not stocked by Reichman Sales & Service for small quantity shipments. However, we will do our best to accommodate all inquiries.

* Don't forget to re-new your Department of Agriculture Pesticides License. Every customer wanting to purchase restricted use chemicals, must have a valid license number on file with us
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