Veltyma™ Fungicide

  • Category: Fungicide
  • Manufacturer: BASF Corporation
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Product Description:

Veltyma fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide containing the active ingredients mefentrifluconazole and pyraclostrobin for use in beans and peas, citrus, corn,peanut, potato, rapeseed (canola), sorghum, soybean, and sugar beet. For optimum disease control, apply Veltyma fungicidein a regularly scheduled protective spray pro-gram and use in a rotation program with non-Group 3 and non-Group11 fungicides. Preventive applications of Veltyma fungicide optimize disease control, resulting in improved plant health. Timed applications, as specified in the Detailed Use Directions of this label, optimize disease control and can have positive effects on plant physiology, including improved stress tolerance and/or improved growth efficiency. This overall increased plant health may result in an improvement in crop growth, crop quality and/or crop yields. These results may vary according to factors such as the crop, crop genetics, application timing or environment.Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at

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