Agrotain® Advanced 1.0

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AGROTAIN® ADVANCED 1.0 nitrogen stabilizer is designed to protect urea-based fertilizers from ammonia volatilization and may be used on any crop that requires nitrogen fertilization including row crops, specialty crops, pastures, sod farms, turfgrass, ornamentals and other landscape and nursery plantings. This product is recommended for surface, shallow-placed, shallow-banded or shallow-incorporated (less than two inches) application of urea and urea-containing fertilizers such as pre-plant, pre-emergence, sidedress, topdress or other post-planting applications. The benefits of AGROTAIN® ADVANCED 1.0 stabilizer as a urease inhibitor are a result of its ability to retard the hydrolysis of urea and control volatilization, preventing ammonia loss while the urea is on the soil surface or less than two inches deep in the soil.

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